Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Pin Art

The building I work in is several stories tall; as a result, it has two elevators in it, of varying reliability. A couple of weeks ago some enterprising soul put a cork board up in each one, so that people can pin notices for various social club events to it rather than using sticky tape on the faux timber walls and scuffing up the laminate.

Each corkboard comes with its allocation of pins with translucent white heads on them.

The instant that these pins became available, people started making art with them. (I also am not immune from the temptation to rearrange.) We started with smiley faces and words like "hi" (there aren't enough pins to go beyond two letters). Once someone had spelled "ho", which I thought was a bit much!

But often the pin art is more abstract - a spread out series of hieroglyphs that I often can't make sense of even if I tip my head to the side.

I guess it's sort of like staring at clouds and seeing a dragon as opposed to a large white fluffy mass. Or one of those visual puzzles that you can either see as a person with a long nose or a duck. Sometimes you can see it, and sometimes you need someone to tell you what the hell it's meant to be, and even then you might not be able to figure it out!

Anyway, onto other things, we still don't have bridesmaid's dresses yet. We'd organised to go shopping at Harts last weekend but it was still closed due to water damage from the severe storm we'd had earlier in the week. You could smell the carpet rotting from under the door - it was gross. Not their fault, but it's starting to get a bit frustrating.

And on WoW news, I've taken ages to get my main character to the new level of 70 since the supplement came out. There were a few weeks where I was only playing it once a week rather than more often, which slowed me down. But I am now at 68 and because I'm playing a druid that means I get access to a flight form I can use in the new areas. Soaring along as a crow over mobs that would like to stomp my face in is rather fun!


That would totally rawk.

RE dresses, I bet they'd cut a very generous deal on items made from said rotting carpet.

And that would be a rolled gold certainty bridesmaids would not updress you.

Which I doubt they would. Because you will look spectacular!

(HM angles for invite...)
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