Friday, March 23, 2007

Bad Day

You know you're having a bad day when:

* you find a significant error at work and, when you inform the big boss about it he rants on at you for ten minutes about not having faith in your work (before apologising for shooting the messenger, admittedly);

* it's only your third week in the job so you haven't yet mustered the business knowledge to answer all the questions off the cuff;

* you have a job interview scheduled for said same job - and you haven't had time to study (it seemed to go ok, so we'll see);

* it's your last day of work for a while because you have nail surgery booked, so you have to get everything tied up before you go;

* you have to have two separate performance management meetings with your ex-supervisor and new supervisor, and while they are mostly positive they also give some valid criticisms that you have to take on board (making you feel a bit meh); and

* the button on your pants falls off (lucky you have a long shirt over the top).

I had friggin' appraisals. Though this time they said I should be promoted. Which was kewl.
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