Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wedding Checklist

It's eight months out and maybe I am being uber organised, but here's the stuff I have done so far:

Venue - a hotel where we can get married at the same place
Celebrant - and we've done a draft of the ceremony
Cars - one limo, one other
Dress - mine, ordered (I'd link it but can't risk that M. will look here)
Honeymoon - booked. Daydream Island, aww yeah!
Photographer - using Fusion Photography. He's good but awfully expensive. But you get what you pay for and I do NO T want shit photos.

Things I'm currently looking at:

Bridesmaids' dresses - we've looked but haven't yet found one. The colour of choice is likely to be wine red.
Hairstyle - have a few ideas
Shoes - ditto
Bridal registry - I've had the Myer bridal registry package posted out and we'll probably go with them 'cause they are interstate
Wedding rings - started browsing
Flowers - I have some ideas but can't go any further till we have the dresses

But the list of things to do is quite daunting:

Accessories, groom's gear, cake, Bonbonerie (I never even knew what that was till I got engaged, I called them "the little present things on the tables"), invitations, seating plans, menus, eek!

I don't think I can realistically get started on it any sooner though.


The engagement party went well. We had spit roast, which was delicious, and lots of friends and family showed up. The only thing that was a bit of a shame (though inevitable) was that I spent so much time running around doing stuff I didn't really get to sit and enjoy myself. Two or three times I was handed a can of something alcoholic and managed not to even get as far as opening it! Whoops! :S

borrowed/old/new/blue sorted yet?
Dress is new.

Other than that, I haven't sorted anything out!

Can I borrow an old blue item and kill three birds with one stone?
I think you can. In the PS we call that multitasking.
Wow!! I really liked this post. The checklist is really good and it will be really good to hire a wedding planner for my big day at one of wedding venues. Will look for a good planner that will make the day really best.
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