Saturday, October 08, 2005

Puppy Update

I just got back from taking Jinx to her second puppy class at the RSPCA. I've now successfully gotten her to sit and drop... both with food lures, of course. I doubt she'll do it without the immediate prospect of food for some time yet.

M. was meant to be taking her to these classes. He's been away for the first two - I'll probably have to go with him to the rest because otherwise the instructor will get pissy at having to repeat everything to him. Sigh. I hate getting up early on the weekend. There ought to be a rule against it.

Both dogs are now over the kennel cough. I have to try and get Tasha booked in for a bath again because the lady wouldn't do it last time - something about her being highly contagious or something! ;) Of course, I didn't actually expect her to do it, so that was no surprise.

Went past my parents place on the way home. It was the second time Jinx has met my mother's dog, Tara. Tara is a grumpy old foxy/jack russell cross who is a good example of why you should socialise your dog at a young age, but, to my great surprise, Jinx brings out her inner puppy. Last time they played consistently for an hour with no break. This time Tara really wanted to play but Jinx was tired - all that sitting and lying down is hard work - so Tara kept trying to grab her fur and pull her off my lap.

When my parents go to the coast over summer we usually board Tara here, so I hope her new benign attitude keeps up. I was imagining that between Jinx and Tasha she'd fret herself to death or do someone an injury.

Anyway, I am just rambling so I will go now. I want to do a photomanipulation with a theme of "lust" for a contest on deviantART.

It probably won't have fairies in it...

I didn't know how to comment there, so I will here.

It rawked. If I was watching her crawl out I'd be half tempted not to stake her and see what happens.

(Glad to see dogs are ok)
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Ah - I may have to do that at some point.
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