Thursday, October 20, 2005

Puppy Tummy Learns to Jump

(Jinx sleeps on a pillow on the couch. For the larger photo, look here.)
Puppy Tummy (as M. has taken to calling Jinx) last night figured out how to get on the couch. Sometimes. She's pretty small, and normally she tries to jump up from the carpet right in front of the couch, which leads to lots of scrabbing but not any actual success.

Last night she took a mad run up (I believe I had food - my food - in my hand, so there was incentive) and cleared the edge with no worries.

The funniest part is that she didn't even seem to realise what she'd done. :)

So now we can't put things on the couch to keep them out of her reach, which isn't so cool... :|

Ah happiness is a leaping puppy. Or a warm one. I forget which.

Possibly both. Last night I took her to the vet for her 16 week vaccination and the excitement was so much that she fell asleep on me when we got home. Aww!
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